The Oldest Tree In The World

The Oldest Tree In The World

Trees are known to be the oldest known living things. Many trees provide various benefits for the people right from their time of birth. There are different kinds of trees worldwide with different ages. While the age of some trees can be found easily, it is very difficult to determine age of some trees easily. Many categories of oldest trees are available in the world ranging above 5,000 years.

The honor for the oldest trees in the world goes to the various trees based on different characteristics such as the natural lifespan. People can find the cypress tree in Central Florida as the oldest tree. On the other hand, these trees fall under the dead category of the oldest trees. The ages of these trees are supposed to be around 3500 years old. These trees are oldest trees in the dead category in the world.

The oldest tree existing in the world at this time is Old Tjikko. This tree is located in Sweden. Many experts determine that the overall age of this tree is about 9550 years. They have not been able to bring about enough proof for their statement. As a result, this tree is not to be counted in the category as the oldest trees in the world. This makes way for an unnamed pine tree that is located in White Mountains in California, United States to lead the list as the oldest tree in the world. Edmund Schulman has determined the core of this tree.

The research done by Tom Harlan has confirmed that the age of this tree. People can find these trees to still live properly. Many people are surprised to hear and see that these trees have the best stuff to absorb the water beneath the surface of earth and still shed their leaves and perform other such things to prove their living presence. These trees have their barks and other parts to be as strong as fresh trees. This natural characteristic makes it hard to determine the ages of these trees.

Factors For Determining The Age Of These Trees

People adopt various techniques to determine the age of these trees. As a result, ages of trees are difficult to predict accurately. The latest researches from different nations make this approach more difficult to determine even the most appropriate age of trees. There are different methods to determine the age. You can choose any method to find out the oldest trees in the world ranging around 5,064 years with an accuracy of plus or minus 10 to 15 years. There are many trees aged above 1000 years. These trees are found as individual products and colonies. The number 5,064 stands for the age of the tree which is found individually.

The oldest tree in the earth is the Great Basin bristlecone pine. This tree belongs to the species of Genus longaeva. On the other hand, people can find a group of trees named as Pando. Pando trees are located in Fishlake national Forest, Utah, United States. These trees are around 80,000 to 1,000,000 years old. These species are found to be Quaking aspen and come under the species of Populus tremuloides. Specialists in researches on the topic of the oldest trees in the world in the living category nowadays make certain this genre of trees as the number one oldest trees.

There are different kinds of factors through which people can determine the age of such trees. The most common method of determining the age of the tree is reading the rings found in the barks of the tree. There are many advanced methods available these days to find out ages of trees. Some of these methods use some technical gadgets. These gadgets make use of the laser method and ultrasonic method to determine the age of trees. There are different methods apart from the abovementioned methods to help the biologists and the scientists to determine ages of trees. They can choose the any method based on several factors such as their convenience to determine the age of trees. They can also aware about types of trees and their reactions to various substances.

Some Of The Greatest Recognitions Of Oldest Trees

Every oldest tree attracts and surprises people of all ages. A list of the oldest trees in the world has its own kind of special recognition. For example, the individual tree of this kind has the reputation of being the oldest tree in the world. On the other hand, the group of trees that is found as colonies has the name of covering the largest area as trees. These trees can cover up to 107 acres easily. Do you imagine how it would be when trees occupy 0.43 sq km of area? These trees also work like any other normal tree as they can shed and re-grow not just the leaves but also all the branches and stems in these trees. These world’s oldest trees also gain the recognition of having the largest number of stems, which can count up to 47,000 stems at any point of time. The roots of these trees can grow to a very long distance. They are also known to be the heaviest living organisms until date in any form because they can easily weigh up to 6,000 tonnes completely. Though this is not the actual weight of these trees, many experts reveal that it can easily weigh even more with each passing day due to the growth on a daily basis.

Some Threats That These Trees Can Face At Any Time

Though all these trees have the recognition of being the oldest trees in the world, there are various threats they face constantly. These threats from the natural and man-made factors affect these oldest trees. Some of the natural threats to the oldest trees include heavy winds such as cyclones, torrential rain, scorching heat, forest fire, etc. On the other hand, the man-made factors include chopping down these trees for logs, razing them down for the money or even destroying them to build some sort of building in their places.

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