The giant pandas-The endangered species among the animals

The giant pandas-The endangered species among the animals

There are wide varieties of animals living in the earth. Much number of animals got endangered due to the sudden civilization going around the world. It is now leading to many environmental impacts and has affected the chain of the life cycle. Why are giant pandas endangered?Many animals are being rare due to the unavailability of enough food and loss of shelter. There are still many animals standing on the verge of extinction.

Giant panda and its amazing facts

The animal called Giant panda is a wild animal that belongs to the category of bear. They are large mammals with black and white markings on the body. These animals have dark patches around the eyes and over the ears. They have black patches around the body and have soft and smooth fur. This is a way how they are identified from the bears. The lifespan of this wild female animal is 20 years but why are giant pandas endangered?  They are the animals which have weight around 120kg. This animal takes a mass of 75 to 120 mg. This adult animal has a height of 60cm to 90 cm in shoulders. The gestation period of the giant panda is 95 to 160 days. The total lengths calculated for this animal is 12 to 1.8 meter in the adults.

The habitat of giant pandas

The giant pandas live in that place which is rich in bamboo because they would always like to eat bamboo for their hunger. They are also found in remote and mountainous region of the central china. They are enormously found in the national zoo. They reside on areas that are very cool and which is rich in wet bamboo forest. It is a perfect habitat that the giant panda requires. It also makes dens with the help of hollow logs, stumps of tress like conifer that is found in the forest areas.

Food of giant pandas

The main foods of these types of bears are the bamboos because their stomach is ideal in digesting the bamboo cane. It is really a wonder to believe how this animal eats those canes that is really hard and rough in nature. These pandas have extraordinary walls on the stomach which are covered with mucus that prevents the puncturing of the wall by the splinters. They are the animals that can survive very easily with the help of natural resources but why are giant pandas endangered from the wild animals?

They are very lonely animals and so they dislike being around the other pandas. They have a feature by which they can smell the presence of any other panda that is approaching the area where they live. There are many mysteries behind the endangering of these species. It is how they are avoiding the other pandas according to the National Geographic. The territory of these giant pandas is approximately about 1.9 square miles where they secrete a waxy scent and use them as the marker around their territory.

If they find some other panda approaching their territory, they start swatting and growling on each other and they also bite. The waxy scent that the panda’s secret will help the other pandas to know about the sex and age of the panda. It can also understand the social status from the scent and this is discovered by a zoo called San Diego Zoo. There are many surveys going on to find the reason behind the question, why are giant pandas endangered.

The pandas do not have any entertainment except during the time of mating season. Two pandas seek each other only during this time and the male panda will come to know if the female panda is ready to mate with the ability of smelling. They usually mate during the spring season and the females carry their young ones for about 10 to 180 days. They have the potential to give birth to one or two babies which is called as cubs. These cubs weigh 85 to 142 grams at the birth time and they are said to be completely blind during the time of birth. These pandas were confused with the family of raccoons but it was later confirmed that it belongs to the family of the beers.

Did giant panda get endangered?

Why are giant pandas endangered?

It is one among the beloved animals found in the earth and these are suffering under extinction. They are marked under the endangered species in the world. These animals are found only about 1000 to 2000 around the whole earth. Conservation of these animals are carried out everywhere in the world .There are many breeding programs that has been taken place in order to support the number of giant pandas and to help them from getting endangered. Government is taking a lot of efforts to preserve this animal category around the mountain forest of Southwest China. They do this conservation around that habitat because it is the native of giant pandas.

The authorities find that it is very difficult to preserve this species because of its infrequent reproducing capability. It is a main reason for Why are giant pandas endangered? It is the most relevant question that has to be asked by all the humans who go behind the civilization. The main reason for the death of this animal is due to the loss of habitat. Pandas are endangered because of the hunting of the humans who aim on the deer’s but  more number of pandas are accidently killed in this trap.

Why are pandas endangered is the main talk among the forest preservation authorities and later they understood that the Pandas endangered because of the loss of food and habitat, and also due to the expansion of the agriculture and poaching. Why are giant pandas endangered from today’s habitat is something that has to be taken into account by the authorities and they have to take some measures to prevent this extinction. It is necessary to find all the reasons behind this question why are giant pandas endangered to prevent this happening again in other animal categories. The preservation has to be concentrated well by keeping the pandas safe from all the external threats including those from the humans.

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