Some facts about the rainforest and know what animals live in the rainforest

Some facts about the rainforest and know what animals live in the rainforest

The rainforests are one of the main parts of our nature and also the oldest living ecosystems in the world. It constitutes 6 percentage of the entire surface of the earth which is the habitat of more than half of the flora and fauna of the globe. The tropical rainforests are really tall and dense forests where the maximum amount of rainfall occurs annually. The climate of these rainforests is humid and very hot so that the animals and plants available here is adapted to the climatic conditions. The rainforests are also useful for human beings in many ways. They are a main source of many items which we use in our daily lives. There are several foods obtained from the rainforest and many medicines are obtained from these rainforests.

Some of the common food materials that are used by humans got from the rainforests include chocolate, sugar, rubber, medicines, pineapples, cinnamons, and etc. The rainforests also consist of many exotic and beautiful flowers which include at least two-thirds of the worlds’ plant species.

What animals live in the rainforest?

It is a common question that is asked. The rainforests are rich in animal life. Some of the animals in the rainforest include insects like butterflies and beetles, reptiles like snakes and lizards, arachnids like spiders and ticks, worms, amphibians like frogs and toads, birds like toucans and parrots, and mammals like jaguars and sloths.

Benefits of rainforests in our nature

The rainforest benefits our nature in many ways, it provides habitat for what animals live in the rainforest. There are wide varieties of plants and animals that live in these forests. There is a balanced food chain in these forests as the plants provide food and shelter for number of animals in the rainforests for their survival. These forests help in regulating the climatic conditions as these are the forest which gets more amount of rainfall. The trees in these forests draw water from the forest floor and it releases to the atmosphere as mists or clouds.

These are forests providing water in the form of rivers, lakes and other irrigation systems which helps to prevent drought to an extent. The trees are the main providers of the oxygen for humans. These trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale the oxygen which is useful for breathing of human beings and animals. The rainforests also helps in the soil erosion because the roots of the trees are the main factor in preventing the soil erosion. The trees in these forests help to bind the soil together and also the canopy of the forests helps from heavy rains. If these trees are removed then the soil and nutrients are removed along with it.

These provide the home for many indigenous people as many of them live in harmony with the rainforest. It provides them with food, shelter and also medicines. These are the best providers of the helpful medicines. There so many plants which have high medicinal values that is only available in the rainforests. Many foods like nuts, bananas, spices, coffee and also industrial products like resins, fibers are found in these forests which are very useful for human beings. There are many interesting places to visit in the rainforests because these forests are really amazing.

Some samples of the living things found in the rainforests

Here are some facts related to what animals live in the rainforest, the answer is still not complete for this question. Different kind of animals lives in the different parts of the rainforests. This is to protect themselves from other animals and to get food. The birds live in the canopy like in the trees and upper leaves of the trees. What animals live in the rainforest, it has large animals like jaguars lives in the forest floor but the other animals like monkeys and sloths changes their place from one tree to another. The insects are the species which are found in every part of the rainforests.

Here are some samples of what animals live in the rainforest, animals that live in the rainforest includes alligators which are the large reptiles, the amphibians that includes salamanders, frogs and caecilians, anaconda that is the biggest snake in the world, varieties of insects, bat which is a flying mammal, many kinds of birds which lives in the canopy of the forests, butterflies that are the flying insects.

There are varieties of butterflies which thrive in the tropical forests, caterpillar that is the larval stage of the butterflies, chimpanzees which are the very intelligent mammal, the great apes include gorilla, chimpanzees and orangutans, jaguar a wild spotted cat, various kinds of mammals like sloths, jaguars and humans, many kinds of fishes that includes piranhas which are the meat eating fresh water fish. There are various kinds of reptiles snakes and birds available in the forest which is more to be discovered.

Endangered and extinct species of the rainforest

It is a fact that many species of the rainforest are endangered and many other species are extinct because the number of area in the rainforest is going on decreasing. The food web in the rainforest consists of more plant eaters than meat eaters as more animals are herbivores animals. These forests consist of more number of small animals and less number of large animals. There is an intense competition between the animals but those species are not interdependent to each other.  If the extinction of one species occurs then the overall chain is affected and will have various consequences. In the rainforests, many animals are in danger of being eaten and have developed many various methods of protecting themselves from other hungry animals like hiding, camouflage, scaring predators and warning colours.

Importance in protection of the rainforests

The rainforests are the most important part of the entire nature. Causing damage to this forest will cause damage to what animals live in the rainforest these forests. The deforestation of these forests can also cause various imbalances in the environment. Protecting the rainforests is the most important factor in the world today because it is one of the major contributing ecosystems in the nature.

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