Qatar: The Much-Awaited Corona Update

Qatar: The Much-Awaited Corona Update

If you are looking just for numbers, today’s big one is 100,000 in Qatar and 50,000 in Kuwait. These numbers would have added to your Monday blues. 

But on a good note, Qatar has seen a good fall in daily corona case numbers from 2355 by the end of May to just 546 new cases today. But unfortunately, the last 24 hours has also seen 5 deaths.

This makes the total 100,345 and an unfortunate 133 deaths. 

Qatar’s population involves only 12% of Qatari nationals and so the rise of Corona cases has unfortunately spread among low-income migrant workers who live in crowded quarters.

The population of Qatar is 2.8 million and this state has seen one of the world’s highest per capita number of confirmed Corona cases.

Qatar did not subject its population to curfews and decided to lift restrictions in 4 phases on June 15. The second phase of lifting restrictions started on the 1st of July. This saw the reopening of restaurants, parks and beaches. These have time restrictions. And customers eating at the restaurants have to follow regular social distancing norms. 

In all of the Gulf states, Qatar has the second highest number of Covid cases. The first being Saudi Arabia. The Gulf states together have contributed to over 489,000 cases and 3000 deaths due to Covid-19.

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