How Earthquakes Happen & How To Prepare For An Earthquake?

How Earthquakes Happen & How To Prepare For An Earthquake?

Humans have always been facing natural disasters. Among the massive natural disasters, one major is an earthquake. Have you ever tried wondering how earthquakes happen and how to prepare for an earthquake? If not, then it is time to know now.

How Earthquakes Happen?

So, how earthquakes happen actually? Well, an earthquake is caused when the rocks underground breaks suddenly. This unexpected energy release causes seismic waves to arise, which in turn shakes the ground. When 2 rock plates or 2 rock blocks are rubbed with each other, usually they stick slightly but they never slide smoothly. In fact, the rocks just catch with each other and push each other. When you notice after sometime, they just break due to the pressure. When rocks break, earthquakes happen. During and after an earthquake, rock blocks or rock plates begins moving & continue until they stick again. The place in the underground, where a rock literally breaks is known as “Focus” and the place above this focus is known as “Epicenter”.

An earthquake can be a light shake to severe one. Some dangerous explosions underground mainly makes it to happen. The explosions have the capacity to break massive rocks, roads, mines, subways, building and tunnels. People working near mines frequently feel earthquakes. If you live at a place, where earthquakes occur frequently, it is good to know how to prepare for an earthquake, which we will discuss in the next section. Moreover, there are even people having an earthquake preparedness kit, which helps them to survive at such disaster times.

How To Prepare For An Earthquake?

What You Actually Need To Survive An Earthquake?

  • Water
  • Canned food
  • Fireproof safe
  • First aid kit
  • Can opener
  • Batteries
  • Flash light
  • Battery-operated radio

Instructions To Note

  1. When you face an earthquake, immediately hide under durable desk.
  2. Never stay near glass windows or doors because they are sure to shatter and you will be hurt if you are close to them.
  3. Cover your head and face using your arms.
  4. Keep all your important valuables and documents in fireproof safe. These include social security cards, insurance policies, gold, wills etc.
  5. Create an emergency number list (police department, fire department, Gas Company and Power Company). Now keep the list somewhere that can be easily accessible.
  6. Photograph the rooms & high-end valuables like jewelry, collectibles etc… This actually gives your insurance company with full-proof documentation.
  7. The next tip on how to prepare for an earthquake is to store sufficient bottled water and canned food so that it lasts for a minimum of 3 days.
  8. Assemble earthquake preparedness kit, which contains everything that you require during a disaster. Keep it somewhere so that you can easily access it.

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